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Welcome to T.A.P!

Teacher Appreciation Program was founded by Jessica Marion in 2010. It didn't have a name at first, it was just a cause. After many years of hosting a special event for teachers during the week of National Teacher Appreciation Week, Jessica felt inspired to put a name on something she was passionate for. In 2017, Teacher Appreciation Program (T.A.P) was the name for this great organization that now has a board of five members. T.A.P is a Non Profit Organization located in the City of Arlington, Texas. The name Teacher Appreciation Program comes from a focus, an idea, and a cause put together. After a glimpse of the demand, we shifted our focus from just hosting yearly banquets to providing support and services to educators. 


Jessica Marion

Jessica Marion was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She went to a public school for 12 years and was denied her high school diploma because of her of the state exam. Every year she took the test, she would always come up 2 points short. She decided to take her life because she didn't want to become a burden on society. She knew what education meant at an early age and do not have one, her life was destined for failure. Her algebra teacher spoke life into her and told her "Soar like the eagle she knew I was" She wound up getting her high school diploma 10 years later and learned she had a learning disability called Dyscalculia. (Sees numbers backward). Today Jessica is the founder of Teacher Appreciation Program (T.A.P.), Owner of the Teacher Resale Shop, and Owner of the Marion Child Care. She believes life is a journey, put one foot in front of the other and see what lies ahead.

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T.A.P offers support in the following areas:

1. Book Stipend Scholarships - We award book stipend scholarships to teen's whose parent work for a Independent School District in the DFW area.  In order to be approved for the scholarship a parent has to work full time as a educator whether living or deceased. Scholarships will be given out at our Teacher Appreciation Banquet. Applications will start on January 1st of each year and need to be turn in by April 1st. 

2. Divorce Care for Kids - This is a recovery support group to help kids ages 5 - 12 years of age heal from pain caused by parent separation. Each meeting will be filled with motivation and exciting activities. Children will have fun playing games, crafts, role playing, and journal writings. Each group will have their own curriculum. 

Divorce Care for Kids will have a fee of $10 per person 

3. Marion Childcare Center - We provide great care and learning for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years of age. Our program is designed to promote creativity with a fun learning environment. We offer year round child care. Contact us for a tour today! 


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